Balwyn Park

Not often do you witness three masters of their industries come together to craft a series of residential homes. Born of a collaboration of the highest order, Balwyn Park offers the rare and exclusive opportunity to wake each morning in a home thoughtfully curated by a team of revered architects and interior designers and watch as the sunlight dances across the idyllic landscape, designed by Australia’s most celebrated landscape designer.

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Across the façade, intricate masonry produces a texturally rich, somewhat mesmerising surface; a perfect base for accentuating the enchanting landscape design. Complementary of the façade’s undulating curves, this feature creates a timeless feel and a neutral aesthetic, while also melding cohesively with the materiality witnessed in the streetscape.

More about Balwyn Park

Spacious, light-filled and brimming with beautifully crafted elements, here bathrooms are so much more than their mere function. Enjoying the same suite of textural and tonal beauty that distinguishes the rest of the home, the feeling of luxe is owed to deep tubs, generous storage and bench space, and the layers of elegant materials forming the foundations of the space.


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